Acceptable Usage Policy

Limitations & Acceptable Use of our Services

This Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) outlines the use to which the (SBH) servers and network may and may not be put. Violation of the AUP may result in immediate suspension or termination of your account, as discussed in our Terms of Business. This policy is strongly enforced, and is subject to change at any time. Usage of our systems and networks indicates full understanding and acceptance of this AUP.



Illegal Content

SBH‘s systems and networks may not be used to store, post, transmit or retransmit any of the following:

  • Illegal Material – Including, but not limited to, copyrighted works, commercial audio, video, and music files. Also includes any material in violation of State or Local regulation.
  • Warez Material – Including, but not limited to, pirated software, hacking software, cracking information, phreaking, emulators, backdoor information, password cracking, IP Spoofing software, and encryption of any of the above. Links to sites which do contain any of the above are also prohibited.


Illegal Actions

Customer will not take any part in any of the following activities while connected to or on behalf of any site, user, system, or domain associated in any way with SBH, it’s systems, or it’s network:

  • Spam – Including, but not limited to, unsolicited email, bulk email posts, mailing list abuse, bulk newsgroup posts, inappropriate newsgroup posts, discussion forum abuse.
  • Password Sharing – Including, but not limited to, making your account’s password(s) available to anyone else, or making available any usernames and passwords to any hosts or websites on the Internet to which the general public are not entitled.
  • System and Network Security- Including, but not limited to, any attempt to access any part of SBH‘s systems or network other than those designated by the company for use with direct regards to website and/or email hosting and operation.
  • Cracking – Including, but not limited to, attempting to access an account or retrieve data on any host or network, whether local or on the Internet, to which the customer has not been given express permission to access.
  • Probing – Including, but not limited to, probing, monitoring, or network traffic capturing/filtering of any hosts.


Mailing Lists

Where the Customer sends similar messages to multiple recipients on one or more occasions, they agree to make reasonable efforts in order to maintain the upkeep and integrity of the list of recipients, specifically with regards to honoring ‘remove’ or ‘unsubscribe’ requests, and the removal of invalid addresses that generate automated ‘bounce’ or ‘failure’ messages.


System Usage

For the purposes of this AUP, resources are bandwidth, disk space, disk IO resources, memory, and/or processor utilisation.

SBH will monitor it’s systems and networks, and if a customer is found to be monopolising the resources available, we reserve the right to suspend the account immediately. This policy is only implemented in extreme circumstances and is intended to prevent the misuse of our servers. Customers will be given the opportunity to resolve the problem, and upon it’s resolution, the account will be reactivated.

In the event that an account is using more resources than it is entitled to, we will contact the customer informing them of the situation and of any charges that will be accrued if the situation is not rectified. The customer will be given the opportunity to upgrade the service or fix the problem.


Complaints and Procedures

Complaint’s regarding abusive conduct, SPAM, or anything else covered by this AUP must be submitted by email to abuse [AT] Please make sure to include full header information in all emails you are submitting, and any applicable log files which are related to the issue. Please send this to us via the details found on our contact page.

Following the submission of a complaint, we will investigate the issue and inform you of our findings. We will normally attempt to resolve the issue with our client having given them assistance to prevent the matter from happening again, and/or having warned them of the severity of the issue if they were found to be at fault.

Depending on the severity of the issue, and whether or not it is the first time there has been a problem, we may in our sole discretion terminate the customer’s account, as per our Terms of Business.