How do I connect to my MySQL Database?

This article will take you through the process of connecting your website to your MySQL database.

Pre-Checks: By deafult when your hosting account is created your domain name will have a DNS entry to connect to our database. Please ensure that you have a DB A Record setup within your DNS file before trying the following.

In order to connect to your MySQL Database you will need the following information:
Database Name
Database Username
Database User Password
Host / Location

The database name, username and password are setup when you first create your MySQL Database. If you have forgotten your password then you can reset it via your web hosting control panel.

When connecting to your database you will need to set the host / location of your database. Please use the following connection string to connect to your database:

Please replace with the primary domain name for your website.

If you have any issues setting up or connecting to your MySQL database then please create a support ticket via your Client Portal.
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