Please don't submit multiple tickets for the same issue

We understand that sometimes it can be frustrating if you haven't had a response to an existing ticket, but please don't create multiple tickets for the same issue.

Here are the main 3 reasons why it is a not a good idea:

1) Slower response times for Everyone

The more open/active tickets there are at any one time slows down the time it takes to be able to process each ticket, thereby delaying the response to your original issue.

2) Increases the liklihood of critical information being missed

The reason tickets are used rather than regular email is each ticket allows information to be collated together, allowing everyone to see all of the relevant information about a single issue in one place.

3) Leads to higher hosting costs

Finding + merging duplicate tickets with original tickets wastes time, which in turn increases operating costs which ultimately increases the amount we need to charge customers.

Here is the right way of providing more information:

You can access a list of your tickets at any time from our Client Management Portal, and if you need to provide us with an update to an existing ticket you can add a reply at any time, even if you were the last person to submit an update. Tidy, simple, and it ensures all information about the issue is in one place.

Thank you for your understanding!
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