Cancellation Checklist

What happens when I cancel a service?

When a cancellation request for a service is received this means that the hosting space will be removed from our servers and all of the data will be deleted. Once a service has been completely terminated you will not be able to access the hosting space or anything which was in the hosting space previously.
If you are moving to a new hosting provider, you may not want to cancel your services with us until the move to a new provider is completely finished; you could experience missing emails or an interruption to your service.

Before cancelling a service please make sure that you have taken all the steps below.

Cancelling web and email hosting
• Ensure that you have taken a recent backup of your website files in case you wish to rehost your website
• Take a back up of any important emails that you might need for the future
• Notify customers or (anyone else who might need to know) of these changes

Cancelling email only hosting
• Take a back up of any important emails that you might need for the future

Closing one mailbox
If you need to cancell one mailbox because someone has left your company or you are making a naming change.
• Take a back up of any important emails that you might need for the future or migrate the emails to another mailbox
• Let us know where all emails sent to this mailbox in the future should go
If you do not specify where future emails should go the sender will receive a bounceback message saying that the mailbox they are trying to send an email to does not exist.
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