Glossary of terminology

Bandwidth - Bandwidth is the amount of data that is allowed to be transferred in and out of a hosting space during any given period (usually 1 month).  For instance, if a customer has a 1MB picture stored on their server and that picture is accessed 4 times, then 4MB of bandwidth has been used.

Disk Space - Disk space is the amount of data allocated the a specific hosting account. For instance, if a customer is allocated 2GB (2,000MB) of disk space, then they could store up to 2,000 1MB pictures on that server. When calculating disk space usage, it is usually the combination of all the files saved on the server, plus databases and email space.

Website hosting - Web hosting is a service where a clustomer rents disk space on a server. We provide you with the car parking space (hosting) for you to park your car (your website).
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