What happens if I don't renew my domain?

If we are unable to secure payment on or before your domain renewal date your domain will expire, shortly after this the invoice will be cancelled.
Once your domain name has expired the process is slightly different depending on the TLD of your domain name. Once a domain name has expired we cannot transfer it.

.uk domain names

Domain name expires

31 days after expiry date – Domain name suspended

92 days after expiry date – Domain name cancelled

Domain name is available for re-registration

.com/.net/.biz etc domain names

Domain name expires and is immediately suspended.

 .com/.net/.biz etc domain names have a non-guaranteed 29 day grace period for renewal. There is no guaranteed grace period and once a domain expires they may dispose of it at any time. After this the domain goes into redemption.
Once a domain name is in redemption you cannot renew the domain without paying a redemption release fee which is often in the region of £160.00 ex VAT.

If you have not renewed your domain name and you are not sure what the next steps are please submit a support ticket through the Client Management Portal and one of our support team will be happy to help.


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