How do I upload files to my hosting package? (cPanel/WHM)

In orde to upload files to your website you will first of all need to download and install an FTP client onto your computer. We recommend that you use Filezilla, which can be downloaded from their website by Clicking Here.

You will also need to ensure that you have got the username and password for your hosting package. If you can't remember your details then you can find them by going to your Client Management Portal > Services > View Details of your hosting package > Change Password, and on this page it will display your current Username and Password.

Once you have the FTP client running on your computer you will need to input the following connection details:

Hostname: (Replacing with your own Domain Name)
Username: Your hosting package username
Password: Your hosting package password

Once all this information has been entered, you should be able to connect to the hosting space via FTP.

Entering your FTP Details

When you have connected you will then be shown two displays. The left hand side will be a list of the files on your local computer, and the right hand side will be a list of files and folders on the hosting server.  It is important that you Don't delete any of the default folders on the hosting server, as it will impact your service. You will need to enter the public_html folder in order to upload files to make them viewable on the internet.

Entering Public HTML

Once you have entered the public_html folder on the hosting server you can then upload your files. This can be done by selecting the files that you wish to upload, right clicking them and then selecting the 'Upload' option.

Uploading your Files

Once your files have finished uploading you can then go to in your web browser, replacing with your domain name and filename.html with the name of a file you just uploaded, in order to see your files live on the internet.

If you have any issues uploading your files to your hosting space then please create a support ticket via the Client Management Portal.

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