How do I create a Database? (cPanel/WHM)

In order to create a new Database within your Linux cPanel hosting, you will first of all need to login to the Control Panel. This can be done from the Client Management portal.

Login to cPanel

Once logged into cPanel you will want to scroll down to the 'Databases' heading where you will then see the 'MySQL Database Wizard' option. Select this option.

Selecting the MySQL DB Wizard

This will then take you through the process of creating a new Database for your website. The next step is to name your databse that you are going to use. We recommend that you name it something suitable so that you can go back and easily refer to it at a later date if needed.
     For Example if you are creating a Wordpress database then why not call it wp1.

Naming your Database

Next you will need to create a user account that will be used in order to access your Database. At this point you will need to choose a suitable username and a secure password for connecting to the Database. We recommend that you use an automatically generated password using the Password Generator on this page.

Creating a Database User Account

You will now need to select the privileges that you wish your database user to have. If you are installing WordPress then you will need to tick the 'All Privileges' tickbox at the top. In any other case you can select the specific privileges that you should know you need beforehand.

Selecting Database User Privileges

You have now successfully created a MySQL Database. Before carrying on you should double check that the Username and the Database names you have just specified are being shown onscreen for you on the confirmation page.

Confirming the Database User and DB Name

If you run into any issues creating a Database then please raise a support ticket via your Client Management Portal.
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