Details to provide when asking for help

When creating a support ticket with Small Business Hosting, we ask that you try to provide as much information as possible upfront so that we can get your issue resolved in a timely manner.

When creating a ticket please try to include the following:

Account Details - Details on the specific account that you are having issue with. If you are having issues with an email address then please let us know what email address it is. 

Error Messages - More often than not, if you are having an issue with one of our services you will be shown an error message. By providing us with the specific error message we will be able to pinpoint what may be causing your issue and get it resolved faster for you. This also includes sending us any bounce back emails that you may have received if you are having issues with sending emails.

Software you're using - By letting us know what software you are using and having issues with, our technical team will be able to use that software in order to try and replicate the issue that you are having, diagnose why it is happening and then provide you with a resolution.

Does it happen elsewhere - Have you tried doing what you are having troubles with on another machine or is anyone else that is using your hosting service experiencing the same issue? By testing this we will then know if it is a specific error with the machine that you are using, or if it is a more generic issue.

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