28th February 2022 09:52 Update

Following testing of Microsoft's most recent fix we believe this issue has now been resolved. We'd like to apologise for any disruption this may have caused last week - we now have direct contact details for the team at Microsoft who handle issues such as this, so if it happens in future we hope the resolution will be faster.

27th February 2022 16:31 Update

Microsoft have informed us that they have implemented further mitigations to resolve this issue. They advise us it may take 24-48 hours to propagate across their systems - we will be continuing to monitor the issue to see if this mitigation works.

25th February 2022 14:20 Update

Unfortunately this issue is still ongoing. We are dependent on Microsoft providing a solution for this and we're still waiting to hear back from them. As mentioned before, we would recommend using alternate contact methods to reach customers who are using Outlook.com/MSN/Live/Hotmail accounts.

24th February 2022 09:14 Update

We are still working with Microsoft to resolve this issue. The mitigations they implemented appear to have not worked as intended as some customers are still experiencing issues sending emails to Outlook.com/Hotmail/Live/MSN addresses.

22nd February 2022 19:04 Update

We have received an update from Microsoft advising us that they have implemented mitigations and they may take 24-48 hours to take effect. We'll check if this is the case in the morning, hopefully it will be resolved much sooner than that.

22nd February 2022 16:51 Update

We have been advised by Microsoft that they have escalated the issue internally and will contact us when they have more information.

22nd February 2022 12:08 Update

We are still facing deliverability issues and have contacted Microsoft again but are still waiting to hear back. We will update this as soon as we receive an update from them. 

22nd February 2022 08:38 Notice

We are aware of some emails sent to Hotmail/Outlook/MSN/Live email addresses being rejected.

The issue appears to have begun yesterday and is impacting customers on our Windows Mail platform and we are working to resolve the issue.

We have reached out to Microsoft to attempt to resolve the issue, but in the mean time we recommend contacting users via another means or on another email address as a workaround.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

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