We've been building a new spam filtering platform that offers a range of features to our customers and we are now at a stage where we're ready to begin trialling this new service on customer emails.

The new platform brings with it much needed functionality such as:

  • Spam Quarantine: Emails blocked by the spam filter are stored in a quarantine for 14 days, and can be released by the end-user.
  • Spam Quarantine Notifications: Daily notifications listing emails stored in quarantine with a direct link to release the email.
  • Personalised Spam Filtering rules: Add senders to your trusted sender list, block specific senders and domains.
  • Effective Spam Filtering: Last but not least, spam filtering that works. We're aware of problems with our legacy platform being too lenient, since the legacy platform does not offer quarantine functionality this was a conscious decision to prevent genuine emails being blocked. With the new platform this trade-off is no longer needed.

If you would like to join the trial, please let us know via a support ticket and we can switch you over from our legacy filtering platform! The trial will last for 30 days before we plan the roll-out to all customers. This spam filter will eventually replace our legacy system so will be included with your package at no additional cost.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

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