18th October 2023 20:22

Our testing suggests emails are being successfully delivered now. However we are still waiting to hear back from Microsoft and Microsoft's portal for managing deliverability issues remains unavailable, so we are reluctant to say the issue has been resolved until we have more visibility over the issue.

18th October 2023 18:40

We are aware of some emails sent to Hotmail/Outlook/MSN/Live email addresses being rejected. The issue appears to have begun earlier today and is impacting customers on our Windows Mail platform and we are working to resolve the issue.

Microsoft has taken the portal we use to manage this down for maintenance, but we have reached out to them another to attempt to resolve the issue, but in the mean time we recommend contacting users via another means or on another email address as a workaround.

We will keep this announcement updated as we learn more.

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

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