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Welcome to ITC and EFH customers

Posted by sbh-admin on 22 09 2015.

Small Business Hosting is growing!

We are very pleased to announce that as of the 1st September 2015 Smallbusiness.host has taken over the management of all hosting provided by ITC (and previously EuroFastHost). In light of this we would like to extend a very warm welcome our new customers from ITC and EuroFastHost!

ITC and EuroFastHost have been supplying and supporting hosting for their customers for over 15 years and so we are taking on many loyal customers who we hope to provide with a service which upholds and exceeds standards set.

To make the transition as pain-free as possible all ITC and EuroFastHost customers’ hosting has already been migrated to SBH servers and all billing accounts have been created in our billing system. All ITC/ EFH customers should have received login details for their Client Management Portal through which they can view their hosting and domains, pay invoices, submit new order requests and submit support tickets. If you have not received your login details within the next 24 hours please submit an inquiry through our contact page.


A few things you need to know

Pricing changes

As an ITC or EuroFastHost customer you have been upgraded to the nearest equivalent hosting package free of charge for the remainder of your hosting period. When your service is due for renewal you will be invoiced at the standard SBH rate for whichever package you are on. Note: No payment details have been passed from ITC to SBH.


If you have been sent an invoice for hosting by either ITC/ EuroFastHost for any hosting service then please settle the invoice with ITC/ EFH. We will honor this and will not invoice you again until your service is up for renewal at the end of your hosting term.

Access to your hosting control panel

You can access your new hosting control panel through your Client Management Portal. Please see the Knowledge Base article on how to do this here.


We all look forward to working with you!

Posted by Small Business Hosting Team.

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