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Knowledge Base Article Changes

Posted by sbh-admin on 15 02 2017.

As you may be aware, over the last couple of months we’ve been working to upgrade the software on our servers and we’ve also been updating our client facing portals (such as the Client Management Portal and CPanel).

As such, it’s worth noting that some of our knowledgebase articles may have slightly out of date instructions and screenshots. We’ll be working to check and update them over the upcoming days and weeks.

Instructions for the Windows Control Panel will not change and are up-to-date already, as the user interface for this hasn’t changed at all but we’ll be updating a few knowledgebase articles for the Client Management Portal and a handful for CPanel.

If you notice any knowledgebase articles with out of date instructions, please let us know and we’ll update the article as well as help you achieve whatever you were attempting to achieve in the first place.

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