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Important News for Windows Hosting Customers

Posted by sbh-admin on 08 12 2017.

As many of you will be aware, our Windows Hosting control panel wasn’t perfect. In fact, in recent months it has presented us numerous problems that required manual action on our part to get things done which resulted in some of our processes not being automated and self-service. WebsitePanel has served us, and you, well for many years but it is no longer being developed so we needed to migrate away to a new panel.

We are pleased to announce that as of today, we have upgraded all of our Windows hosting infrastructure to use a new control panel instead of WebsitePanel. The new control panel is called SolidCP and while based on WebsitePanel’s open-source code, it is more user friendly, considerably more stable, and offers a whole host of new features that we’re excited to begin rolling out in the new year. SolidCP supports every feature that WebsitePanel did, but many of these features have been improved and are more reliable (such as setting permissions via the File Manager, and creating new email accounts. SolidCP also resolves many of the issues we’ve had with web browsers based on WebKit such as Safari, Chrome, and Opera being unable to use some features).

We are also pleased to announce that none of our customer emails, websites, or databases were unavailable during the upgrade. All hosting continued to be accessible by visitors, it was just the Windows Control Panel itself that was unavailable for a few hours last night.

We will be updating our self-service Knowledgebase Articles as a priority in the upcoming weeks to reflect the new user-interface of SolidCP.

For those interested, we have included some screenshots of the new control panel below:

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