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How can I create a secure password?

Posted by sbh-admin on 21 10 2015.

Passwords are always tricky to come up with and with heightened awareness of internet security recently we have had customers ask what a good password is. In short; a good password is one which is hard to guess. Unfortunately there are a lot more bad passwords out there than there are good ones.

Good password rulesPassword_Pic

  1. 8 or more characters long.
  2. Combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers, punctuation and symbols.
  3. No standard dictionary words

If you are finding it difficult to think of a password which works for you try these tricks

  • Try using a word or phrase which is memorable to you but mix it up a bit. cupoftea would become !CuP0Ft34
  • Use the first letter of the words in a memorable phrase: ‘Jack and Jill went up the hill’ with symbols would become j&jw3uth%

One last thing

Do not use a password more than once. All the passwords you use should be different. You might like to theme them to make it simpler for example all your passwords could be song titles!

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